Assoc. Prof. Ing. Jitka PODJUKLOVA, CSc.

Assoc. Prof. Ing. Jitka PODJUKLOVA, CSc.

The Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice / University of Ostrava, Czech Republic, EU

1969 - 1974 study at the Technical University of Ostrava, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology, specializing in welding,
1982 - 1984 postgraduate study of academical pedagogy at the Palacky University in Olomouc, Faculty of Arts,
1988 - candidate dissertation defense in the field of Engineering Technology at the Technical University of Ostrava,
1990 - appointed assistant professor in engineering technology,
2000 - habilitation at VŠB - TU Ostrava, Faculty of Engineering and the associate professor of engineering technology nomination. 

Professional experience:
1974 - 1975 Armaturka Minerva in Opava, technological development, welding technologist
1975 - 1977 Assistant Professor of Science and Research in the common welding centre of VSB - VITKOVICE. 

1977 - 1990 Assistant Professor - Lecturer in the Department of Mechanical Technology, Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at the Technical University of Ostrava,
1990 – 2017 Associate Professor at the same department,
1995 - 2008 Deputy Head of Engineering materials and surface treatment institution.
Lectures and seminars in subjects - Engineering materials, Surface treatment, Technology of surface engineering, Technology process Theory, Surface treatment and restoration, Design of coatings. Supervisor of thesis, member of the State Examination Commission, Supervisor of doctoral study program, board member of the council "Enginering Technology", Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, VSB - TU Ostrava. 

Science - research activity:
Engineering materials and surface treatment, brittle fracture properties of glassy enamel coatings , study of properties and applications of inorganic and organic protective coatings.
Author of more than 150 technical articles in professional journals and conference proceedings, international project coordinator CONTACT ME08083 "A complex system of short-and long-term anti-corrosion protection of metallurgical products, co-investigator of the project MPO FT-TA5/76  “Properties research of existing and newly developed patina coating steels in terms of their use for steel constructions". 

Other Activities
Review and expert activity in the field of engineering materials and finishes.
Training and instruction sponsor for the industry and consumer sector in the field of surface treatments.
International conferences sponsor in the enamel surface treatment technologies.
President of the professional society "Enamels" for the Czech Republic and Slovak Republic
Czech Mechanical Engineering Society, a member of
Czech Society for coatings, a member of
Czech Society for New Materials and Technologies / ČSNMT / a member of
ASM - The Materials Information Society, Materials Park, Ohio, USA – a member until 2003
Association of Mechanical Engineers, a member of
IEI  The International Enamellers Institute, Milan, Italy, a member of
Sampe Czech Chapter, a member of
International Conference METAL, program committee member