Ing. Peter BRZIAK, Ph.D., EWE, IWE

Ing. Peter BRZIAK, Ph.D., EWE, IWE

Welding Research Institute - Industrial Institute of SR, Bratislava, Slovakia, EU

( 30.1.1968, Bratislava, Slovakia, EU)

Head of R&D at the Welding Research Institute, Bratislava Slovakia, EU. After finishing the Slovak Technical University Bratislava he started working at Welding Research Institute, where he took his Ph.D. degree in the field of creep resistant martensitic steels.


International experience:
Beside several short term stays, he was working as a research fellow at TWI (Cambridge, UK, EU); he took his post doc in Japan Atom Power Energy Inspection Corporation, Hitachinaka, and at Japan Welding and Joining Institute.


Professional experience:
Specialist: physical metallurgy and failure analysis of metallic materials and their welded joints. Researcher and senior researcher of more than 250 short term projects and failure investigations mainly for gas, oil, chemical, automotive and power (classical as well as nuclear).

Senior researcher of several EU projects: 5FP “Smartweld”, 6FP “Matjoinconf”, 7FPa NEXTEGENPOWER and MACPLUS, COSTs 522, 536 and 528, ECCC.

Researcher and senior researcher of 30 Slovak long term project. Author and co-author of app. 80 articles (monographs, technical journals, conference proceedings).


Membership of international professional bodies:
Delegate of Slovak republic in the International Institute of Welding (IIW), commission IX – WG “Creep”.