Prof. Abdrakhman B. NAIZABEKOV

Prof. Abdrakhman B. NAIZABEKOV

Rudny Industrial Institute, Rudny, Kazakhstan

Present position: rector

Specialization: Metal processing with pressure

Scientific degree and academic rank: Doctor of technical sciences, professor

Main scientific directions of researches: metal processing with pressure, nanotechnology, metallurgy, mechanical engineering.

He has approximately 400 scientific methodical works including two monographs, about 360 scientific published works; 25 author certificates and patents, more than 10 textbooks. He has been a prize winner twice for the “State scientific scholarship” which is for the scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan which contribute much to the science and technique development. Currently he is an academician of the National academy of science of higher education as well as National engineering academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, also he is a member-correspondent of International engineering academy.