Accompanying program (included in the fee) will be held on May 23rd 2019 from 13:00. If interested, please register through the conference system.
The program is as follows:


Cruise ship on the Brno dam

Reservoir with an area of 2.52 km2 has been built on the river Svratka in the years 1936-1940. Today, the dam is a popular holiday destination with regular shipping. Water surface is crisscrossing by six "steamships"; all ships have ecological electric drive.
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Pavilion Anthropos

The permanent exhibition on the oldest history of the settlement in Moravia as well as on the whole European continent consists of three parts created by our outstanding specialists: "Moravian Hunters and Gatherers", "The Oldest Art of Europe" and "Palaeolithic Technologies". The second part brings up-to-date discoveries concerning the evolution of man and the beginnings of his culture: "Genetics in the Evolution of Man", "The Story of Mankind" complemented with the presentation of the behavior of man's next relatives – primates, shown in the section "Cousins or Brothers? – Ethology of Primates". The new permanent exhibition presents up-to-date discoveries from the field of archaeology, anthropology, genetics etc., and proposes interactive presentations using modern audio-visual techniques; it also contains several dioramas and reconstructions of the environment and life of Palaeolithic hunters and gatherers. Of course, the visitors will find there the popular mammoth model surrounded by its natural environment.
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Excursion in Starobrno Brewery

Starobrno Brewery stands on the same place in the street Hlinky near the Mendel Square since 1872. The qualified guides introduce tourists about a long history of brewing in the Old Brno and Starobrno brewery. Inform about all phases of beer production, the traditional technology and quality ingredients for the beer brewing process. Visitors pass through the brewhouse and spaces with cylindrical-conical tanks for fermentation of beer. You can view the line for blowing, filling and packaging PET bottles from the gallery. At the end of excursion all guests are invited for a tasting of beer at the brewery restaurant.
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VIDA! Science Center - Science Park Brno

VIDA! is an amusement science park, where visitors can find more than 150 interactive exhibits on area 5000 m2, such as the wheel on the rope, wind storm, hydrogen rocket, etc. The unique exhibition is divided into the four main thematic sections: Planet, Civilization, Human and Microworld. It also includes a science show in the theater which is full of experiments linked to the theme of science.
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